Saturday, September 25, 2010

Happy September Equinox All . . . .

Sistahs . . . may this 2010 full moon Equinox 
bring you great SistahPeace™ & insight 
as you now embark on your inward journeying . . .

Moonlight Shining
by Lelly John

Moonlight shining on my pillow
As I lay asleep
Is your skin, new fallen snow
It rests upon my cheek

The shooting stars that are your eyes
Dance and glimmer just for me

The cool and quiet night is wise
With you, O night, I flee
In my world of ancient dreams
That have been dreamt before
My love for you, O mortal, seems

Another ancient door
People love for days and nights
And shall forever care

But you, my heart, eternally white
No other love compare.

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